Born in 1976,

started working professionally in 1994 as illustrator and animator in a computer games company called Makh-Shevet, I am varied in style, from cute and funny to scary and atmospheric art,

my work includes Illustrating books, magazines, CD covers, computer games, character design & concept art for animation tv series and more.

Work places :
• Children magazine 'Otiot' , sample:!untitled/zoom/c1px/dataItem-ihmzc0bt
• Children magazine 'Comics' , sample:
• Newspaper 'Makor Rishon' , sample:
• Magazine 'Olam Katan'
• 'Karov Lalev' books, sample:!untitled/zoom/c1px/i12kxn

   Jobs before 2002:  
• Start-Up company 'Odigo' as leading illustrator and graphic designer

  to see a sample:

• The company 'Interact multimedia' - illustration and animation of  videogames
• The company 'Makh-shevet', as leading artist & illustrator for characters and some backgrounds, making two elaborate pc games.

Sample: A big long PC game with a lot of illustrations and animations, called "Master of Dimensions":

To watch the whole game:

Another sample, of a television show game called "Tush-Tush"-     (In this one I made only some of the background art and the monsters art and animation, the rest is by the talented Jagosh K. )

• The company 'Pigless'- Storyboarding, concept art and character design for animation tv series

Sample:!Shadowman- Humbold's Room/zoom/c1px/image_17nw

Shaul Levine


Illustrator & Artist